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Business Development Manager Jobs: Full Guide 2022


Business development managers use strategic planning, sales management, and prospecting to help businesses grow.

As a business development manager, you'll set and achieve goals, work with people inside and outside of your organization, and plan strategies. Sales team members are responsible for identifying leads, preparing proposals for new clients, and building relationships with customers and colleagues. An organization's growth depends on business development.

In this article, we'll explore business development manager jobs and how to have a successful career in business development.

What Is a Business Development Manager

Business development managers build sales leads, then pitch them to the company's prospective clients to build its client database. By guiding people through the sales funnel, they help them reach the goal of becoming customers. Business development involves many skills, such as strategy planning, project management, and negotiation.

Business Development Manager Responsibilities

Your tasks will vary depending on your company and industry, but they might include:

  • Identifying products and services you can offer in target markets.

  • Prospecting at trade shows or cold calling potential clients to generate leads.