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Business Development Manager Jobs: Full Guide 2022


Business development managers use strategic planning, sales management, and prospecting to help businesses grow.

As a business development manager, you'll set and achieve goals, work with people inside and outside of your organization, and plan strategies. Sales team members are responsible for identifying leads, preparing proposals for new clients, and building relationships with customers and colleagues. An organization's growth depends on business development.

In this article, we'll explore business development manager jobs and how to have a successful career in business development.

What Is a Business Development Manager

Business development managers build sales leads, then pitch them to the company's prospective clients to build its client database. By guiding people through the sales funnel, they help them reach the goal of becoming customers. Business development involves many skills, such as strategy planning, project management, and negotiation.

Business Development Manager Responsibilities

Your tasks will vary depending on your company and industry, but they might include:

  • Identifying products and services you can offer in target markets.

  • Prospecting at trade shows or cold calling potential clients to generate leads.

  • Maintaining relationships with key customers.

  • Monitoring corporate competitors' market positioning and keeping up with the latest developments in the industry.

  • Analyzing client needs and the company's ability to meet them.

  • Following up on leads and referrals generated by the sales team is necessary.

  • Reporting on goals' progress.

  • Managing interactions with customers with the help of customer relationship management (CRM) software, such as CEO-ME.

Business Development Manager Skills

There are many hard and soft skills that aspiring business development managers need to possess. Skills such as communication, organizational, time-management, technical and computer skills, as well as self-motivation and drive are examples.

Communication skills: Business development managers need to be able to communicate with clients from every background and educational level. Communication skills, either written or verbal, are essential for professionals in this field.

Organizational skills: This career path requires professionals to have the ability to juggle several clients, meetings at various locations, and deadlines. Organizational skills are essential for managing client proposals and keeping on top of other tasks in a job with many facets.

Time-management skills: Management must know how to prioritize tasks. Calendar management and adjusting schedules are essential skills for individuals who work in this field.

Technical and computer skills: Most organizations use a management system to manage leads and client calls. Technical and computer skills are essential for aspiring business development managers.

Drive and self-motivation: Determined and goal-oriented business development managers succeed. Driven and motivated professionals are more likely to succeed.

Why Become a Business Development Specialist?

People who enjoy working with people and are outgoing are good candidates for careers in business development. Business development managers who excel at prospecting enjoy the challenge of rejection. Hearing "no" often makes them feel like they are one step closer to a "yes." They also like being part of a team that works to build and execute a business growth strategy.

Career prospects

Throughout most towns and cities and in many types of organizations, business management is carried out across many sectors. There are many career opportunities as a result.

There are various specializations, including IT or healthcare, as well as sales or marketing. As you progress, you may take on responsibilities for a larger team or department with higher targets. As you gain experience, you may be able to reach the level of director.

If you work for an international company, you can work overseas. A permanent overseas transfer or transfer into a new company may be an option for you, or you may travel and work for short periods overseas in your company's overseas divisions. You can also work as a consultant, providing advice to businesses. A business development consultancy may also be an option for you.

Business Development Manager Salary

In January 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that business development managers in the U.S. made an average salary of $121,000. Your salary can vary depending on your industry, location, and experience level.

Business development managers' earnings are also affected by their industry, location, and level of experience, in addition to their responsibilities.

How to Become a Business Development Manager


The following steps will help you become a business development manager.

1. Acquire a foundational education.

Some business development managers hold master's degrees in a related field, but a bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement. An entrepreneurship degree gives you valuable insight into innovation, data analysis, and decision-making. The study of psychology, marketing, and communication can be beneficial to business development.

2. Gain relevant experience.

Knowing how to sell helps. As an entry-level retail sales associate, you may guide customers from purchase decisions to the point of sale. Prospecting new clients, demonstrating products, and obtaining new accounts can be some of your responsibilities as an outside sales representative.

Business management, negotiation, and strategic planning are also key areas of expertise. Take a sales course to upgrade your knowledge of advanced sales concepts and approaches.

3. Develop technical skills.

Project management, Microsoft 365, business development software, and search engine research are technical skills that can lead to success as a business development manager.

Using cybersecurity and data analytics training as a business development manager may help you gain an edge in an industry focused on secure information systems and data-driven decisions.

A solid understanding of customer relationship management (CRM) software can also prepare you for a business development manager position, especially in larger companies.

4. Enhance your resume.

Keep updating your resume as you gain experience, skills, and education. Check out the job listings for business development manager jobs. Make sure your resume highlights the qualifications that match the job requirements. Use action verbs to describe tasks you performed in your previous roles.

5. Find your first business development manager position.

Apply for business development manager jobs as soon as you have qualifications and a current resume in hand.

Is there one that you would like to contribute to your desired lifestyle? What kinds of projects and tasks do you enjoy working on in each of these positions? In what ways do you admire the companies that post business development manager jobs?

Ensure your interviewing skills are up to par as recruiters and hiring managers attempt to schedule interviews with you.


All types of businesses and organizations employ business development managers, whether they are public, private, or nonprofit. Business development is more likely to occur in larger companies.

Typically, business development is handled as part of a broader mix of responsibilities in smaller companies. Among the most common types of employers are:

  • Financial institutions and banks

  • Colleges and universities

  • IT companies

  • Firms involved in manufacturing and sales

  • Pharma companies

  • Technology and telecommunications companies

  • Healthcare providers

Business Development Jobs


Business development associates boost sales and growth. Business development, client relationship building, market research, and prospecting are some of the things they do. From marketing to information technology, business development associates work in various industries.

Business Development Associate Responsibilities:

  • Enhancing the company's sales and overall growth through strategic planning.

  • Analyze client requirements and conduct market research.

  • Developing business plans.

  • Prepare progress reports.

  • Prepare presentations.

Developing new business opportunities for organizations is the responsibility of business development representatives. They identify and contact qualified leads by conducting market research, networking, and outreach.

Business Development Representative Responsibilities:

  • Increasing the number of customers for a company.

  • Identify prospects using prospecting strategies.

  • Begin outreach to potential customers.

  • Organize meetings.

  • Ensure that the sales team has a full pipeline.

To help grow an organization, a business development manager plans manages, and prospects for new clients.

Business Development Manager Responsibilities:

  • Establishing business and revenue growth goals.

  • Identifying, planning, and implementing new target market initiatives.

  • Identifying potential customers in target markets.

  • Lead generation and sales cycle management.

Managing a sales team is the responsibility of a sales manager. Sales managers set targets and quotas, build sales plans, analyze data, assign sales training and sales territories, mentor their sales teams, and decide who to hire and fire.

Sales Manager Responsibilities:

  • Goal-setting for sales.

  • Developing sales plans.

  • Offering training opportunities.

  • Keeping the team motivated.

  • Account management.

  • Hiring and recruiting.

A vice president of business development sets sales and marketing targets. Producing and selling goals, consulting with managers about the organization's overall financial health, and overseeing salespeople are all responsibilities of sales managers.

Vice President of Business Development Responsibilities:

  • Providing strategies to cut costs and increase revenue by analyzing current and past financial data.

  • Identifying new opportunities through market research.

  • Implementing marketing strategies with executives.

In order to build long-lasting and successful relationships with clients, a business development manager must possess practical communication skills. Communicate clearly and decisively with clients to adapt to their needs.

Director of Business Development Responsibilities:

  • Business growth.

  • Revenue growth.

  • Discovering new business opportunities.

  • Branding a company.

Use Business Development Software to Enhance Your Skills

Many projects are too complex for a single person to handle. If you're a business development manager, you may find CEO-ME useful.

You may need business development software for the following reasons:

  • Using CEO-ME business development software, you can view individual actions, track project progress, and set priorities for team members and project managers.

  • It is easier to accomplish your best-laid plans when you control everything. This way, you'll be able to track any situation that may affect your project.

  • Organizing multiple projects with software can be easier than doing it by yourself. Project management is crucial for most business development plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Responsibilities of a Business Development Manager?

Business development managers are responsible for: identifying new markets, growth areas, trends, customers, partnerships, products, and services, or new ways to reach existing markets. Afterward, getting in touch with the appropriate person within the organization.

What is the Career Path for a Business Development Manager?

Business development careers usually begin as associates, analysts, project leaders, or relationship managers. A business development associate is an entry-level position, although the title may vary from company to company.

Is Business Development Marketing or Sales?

Strategic partnerships and business relationships are at the core of business development. It focuses on communication and targeting consumers. The sales team's primary responsibility is prospecting qualified leads and closing deals.

What is the Highest Position in Business Development?

It is a high-ranking position to hold the Chief Business Development Officer position. You supervise all business development activities on the top floor, along with the CEO and COO.

Is Business Development Manager a Stressful Job?

The business development professional has some disadvantages. Stress and pressure are disadvantages. There are times when you may feel stressed or under pressure because you make important business decisions. Despite this fact, it is still important for you to look after yourself.


Business development managers are at the forefront of driving the progress of their business. They work closely with every department to reach optimal results. It remains to be said that every business development manager can benefit from CEO-ME.

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