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Business Development Software

Take Your Business Knowledge to the Next Level.


Make daily tasks straightforward and available for the team in just one place.

Define and keep track of your income goals.

Project Management

Decrease business risks and exploit opportunities to the full.

Sharpen the Axe

Grow Your Business


Now more than ever, companies need highly skilled professionals to support the industry. 
As a business education provider, you need to be at the front of industry changes. What are you doing to nurture the future managers and leaders that Australia needs? 
Some recent studies show that:

  • Over 50,000 students drop out of university, TAFE and other VET institutions each year.

  • One of the key reasons both domestic and international students change or quit their business courses is due to not feeling challenged or motivated by the methodologies offered by their business education providers.

CEO-ME, is the business education software that will help to boost your student’s motivation
levels, management and leadership skills and prepare them to use world-class tech tools
based on a Spaced Repetition System. 


With CEO-ME, you can deliver lectures with immediate impact and increase the knowledge of your students across: 

  • Business Processes Automation with the ERP & CRM Tools 

  • Project Management 

  • Goals, Niche and Target Strategies

  • SWOT Analysis & Executive Summaries 

  • Plus so much more 

CEO-ME for business education providers includes: 

  • Tutorials for students 

  • Syllabus support to complement lectures 

  • Personal training for lecturing staff

Request a personalised meeting for more information to

CEO-ME, the business education software that Australia needs now!

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