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Success & Growth

Work on your business, and not just in the Business!

Managing multiple projects at once, delegating tasks, and collaborating across teams is difficult on a good day — but can become downright impossible when unforeseen obstacles get in the way. The data proves that project management is no walk in the park for most of us.

When that impacts the business, it becomes an even bigger problem. Miscommunication and inefficiencies in your project management process can lead to confusing and stressful experiences for your employees. It can hinder your company's ability to satisfy your clients' needs or hit end-of-year goals.

Stop miscommunication and micromanaging. With CEO-ME get the business information and ideas out of your head and put them in a place where they can be available and with easy access for you and the team so they do not have to dance around you, waiting for instructions to take actions and do their job.

Your team can collaborate much better, reducing the risk of miscommunications and keeping everyone up to speed on team-wide projects. It’s also helpful for individual team members. They can use it to boost their productivity and ensure they’re on track.

Stop using multiple hats!


Solution for those in need of boosting their capacity to identify and create processes within their business, automate daily activities to make easy and affordable to run their business and its cash flow so they can build a sustainable strategy of success and growth, and be prepared to welcome a future team.


CEO-ME ABOUT 1.1_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

Solution for those looking to unlock their talent to manage teams and grow their business through the synergistic interaction of the sales and operations areas.


This plan is tailor made for all those bold ones in need of concise and accurate updates about customer requirements and daily operations, so they trust delegating key activities to their teams, stop wearing multiple hats, and finally, start to dedicate more time to strategic planning and business development.


CEO-ME ABOUT 1.1_Mesa de trabajo 1.png
CEO-ME ABOUT 1.1_Mesa de trabajo 1.png
Standing Meeting


In CEO-ME, we want you to:

  • Succeed

  • Get the process out of your head and put it into your teams plan

  • Work on your business, and not just in the business

  • Unlock your potential

  • Stop using multiple hats

  • Fall in love with your business again​
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