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Digital Solutions for Small Businesses

Small Business Battlers are eligible for up to 7 hours of mentorship for only $44 with the Digital Solutions program.

Digital Solutions connects you with expert advisers on everything from social media and selling online to business plans and financial management. For just $44 you’ll receive up to three hours of personalised, one-to-one business advice and four hours of group workshops and webinars to stretch your learning even further.

Get help with:

  • Social Media & Digital Marketing

  • Websites & Selling Online

  • Online Security & Data Privacy

  • Using Business Software

  • Financial Management

  • Managing Staff

  • Connecting with Customers

  • Developing Resilience

  • Applying for Grants & Tenders

  • And a wide range of other business advice and support

Your Digital Solutions journey starts with a one-to-one session with an expert adviser to establish what you and your business need to succeed. We’ll then hand-select advisers, workshops and webinars for you based on your interests and what was outlined in your first session. When your journey is complete, we’ll review everything you’ve learnt and set you up with a plan for moving forward.

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