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Next Sales Actions: Ultimate Guide To Optimizing Your Sales Process

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

sales workflow

A presentation intended to benefit your audience will probably require an outline unless you're an expert at improv. You need structure or process for your B2B sales as well. A successful sales workflow increases conversions, closes more deals, and ensures customers receive consistent and positive experiences regardless of who they speak to. Yet many sales managers struggle to build scalable processes that generate repeat business consistently.

This guide was created to help you find the best next sales actions and tactics for creating a sales workflow that suits your business.

What is a Sales Process?

A salesperson must follow a set of predictable and repeatable steps to close a sale. Sales processes typically include 5-7 steps:

  • Prospecting

  • Preparation

  • Approach

  • Presentation

  • Handling objections

  • Closing

  • Follow-up