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The Top Entry-Level Project Management Jobs

- It's no secret that project managers are in high demand. Most organizations rely on them to oversee, plan, and organize their biggest projects. Different strategies are employed to identify and assess the project's needs. Project managers are tasked with creating timelines, budgets, skillsets, meetings, and reports for stakeholders.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that project managers should increase their employment rate by six percent by 2024 and by 33 percent by 2027. This holds true globally, entry-level project manager salaries in Australia are a higher-than-average $116,227 per year. As a result, project managers are well-positioned to grow their careers.

The position of a project manager is almost common in every company.

Have trouble finding entry-level project manager jobs? This guide will help you.

This article investigates the highest-paying entry-level project manager jobs. It offers insights into the necessary skills and experiences to become an entry-level project manager.

What Does a Project Manager Do?

A project manager's role in the workplace cannot be understated due to the irreplaceable value they provide to the organization. A project manager leads projects in almost every workplace. Among the core responsibilities of this employee are to design and monitor projects, update stakeholders, and perform other related tasks. Companies will not be able to meet their goals without the harmony brought by this role.

In addition to IT, manufacturing, oil and gas, finance, insurance, utilities, retail, and construction, there is a significant demand for project managers in a broad range of industries. A project manager's performance in these industries is hugely beneficial to the company's bottom line.