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Business Development Software: Full Guide for 2022


Operating a small or medium-sized company has its challenges and rewards. The costs of running a business are a major concern for small businesses. The costs can quickly add up. As a result, small and medium-sized businesses must critically evaluate their decisions.

In order to find affordable business solutions, you need to consider business development software.

Business development software can help your business save money while optimizing workflows. Business development software can also manage billing, accounting, and employee salaries.

Businesses benefit from comprehensive solutions. The question is, how do you select the best free business development software? This guide includes a compiled list of the best business development software for small and medium-sized businesses.

What Is Business Development Software?

Business development software is becoming more and more important as market pressure increases. As the market fragments, it becomes harder and harder to know whether you are spending time with the right people.

For professionals to succeed, technology must be embraced. To help business development professionals work smarter, CEO-ME provides tailored marketing and task management tools. CEO-ME is here to assist you in optimizing your workflow.

A proper business development software offers you the following:

  • Streamlining the sales process

  • Customizable sales tracking

  • Workplace checks and balances made easier

  • Transparency in all transactions

  • Analytics integrated into the marketing

Important Business Development Tools

Business development software comes in multiple forms. We recommend choosing the tool that offers the most value for your money. Here are the business development essentials for 2022.

1. Sales Intelligence Tools

Intelligence tools give you insight into your prospects. Due to the wildly different needs of every industry, sales intelligence tools vary significantly. With the right tool, you can discern, from vast datasets, when is the best time to approach potential clients.

2. Marketing Automation

Once the software is set up, automation provides you with invaluable data about your prospects. In addition to automating daily tasks, proper business development software can take care of many other logistical issues, including:

  • Showing how many people are visiting your website

  • Displaying which salespeople are opening your salespersons' emails

  • Notifying if there are repeat visitors to your website

  • Showing which content is being read the most

  • Identifying which content is converting web visitors to calls the best

A well-executed marketing automation program will also be closely related to effective content marketing campaigns.

3. CRM

A proper CRM, or customer relationship management plan is essential to the success of any business. Without a CRM, no one will know what's going on in your sales department. Numerous calls will be made to prospective clients from different team members and people will be stepping on each other's toes. In addition, management will have no way to project sales. Basically, having a CRM is essential.

4. Social Media Management

Sales are so heavily reliant on social media. Thus, make sure you are scheduling posts correctly on multiple social networks from multiple accounts. The process can take a long time.

In addition to finding new content, tools like CEO-ME help you make excellent analytics. A good business development software should increase your efficiency and lead generation.

5. Workflow Planner

Never miss a deadline and stay organised. By using a workflow management tool, your sales and marketing departments can maximize efficiency. Making sure teams and individuals collaborate is more important than checking up on what they're doing.

2022's Top Business Development Software

Let’s take a closer look at 2022’s leading business development tools. In their respective industries and niches, these platforms are market leaders.

Rightinbox - The Best Email Management Tool

Rightinbox digs deep into your inbox. It enhances your Gmail by adding the missing features you've been searching for. By using Gmail less, you can accomplish more. By pairing Right Inbox with a task management software like CEO-ME, you can easily bring in more clients faster and with less effort. To put things in perspective, let's look at a quick feature overview.


  • You can track your emails after you send them using Rightinbox's email tracker.

  • Email templates from RightInbox can be customized for future campaigns.

  • You can set up an automated follow-up when a recipient does not respond to your email.

  • Using the email reminder will come in handy if you tend to forget to reply to important emails.


You can get started for free or upgrade to a paid plan for $7.95/month.

MailShake - Leading Cold Outreach System

Scaling a business is most effective with cold emails. You can use it to connect with leads, find influencers, or build a personal brand. Mailshake can be used both for sales engagement and email outreach. With cold emails, it's a must-have tool for email marketers and sales professionals. Following are a few Mailshake features you might find interesting.


  • Mailshake makes email personalization easier than ever. Mail merges, for instance, let you include personalized texts and images for each prospect.

  • The powerful email templates available on the platform allow you to create email sequences quickly.

  • A lead catcher allows you to mark leads as worn or lost.

  • You can combine cold emails with cold calling to increase your success rate. With Mailshake, you can make unlimited VOIP calls to Canada and the United States.


Email outreach is available for $59/month. You will pay $99/month for Mailshake's sales engagement features. Lead temperature, social selling, and custom tasks are among the features you get here.

Hootsuite - Leading Social Media Management Software

A company can easily brand itself as an authority with the help of social media. Your audience can only be engaged if you consistently post valuable content. To manage social media effectively, you need a powerful tool like Hootsuite. By automating your social media presence, it will assist you with social listening.


  • It is possible to plan, create, and schedule posts in advance.

  • You can monitor multiple channels at once with Hootsuite's unique feature.

  • The advertising feature in Hootsuite makes your investment worthwhile even if the software manages your social media account. Using one dashboard, you can manage campaigns across multiple channels.

  • Analyzing all channels and getting detailed reports is possible with this tool's analyzer.


Here are your four pricing options. Prices vary based on the number of users and the social accounts you manage.

Slack - Leading Team Communication Tool

Originally designed for office use, Slack has also been adopted for personal use. Teams of any size can communicate seamlessly with the collaboration application


  • You can organize your team, communicate, and store files using Slack channels.

  • To develop your business, Slack integrates with an array of tools.

  • You can prioritise more important tasks by automating those repetitive communications with the workflow builder.

  • Team chat for business makes you a teamwork champ. Slack becomes more efficient as a result of group collaborations.


Each plan costs $6.67/month and $12.50/month.

Scribe - Leading Documentation Software

Business development teams can save a lot of time by automating their documentation with Scribe. Using the tool, you can create guides to show prospects or customers how to use your product. This Chrome extension or desktop application captures mouse clicks and keystrokes and turns them into step-by-step instructions.


  • Generate guides, procedures, and customer support documentation automatically.

  • Screenshots can be modified, annotated, or redacted instantly.

  • Keep Scribe guides up-to-date across all instances and share them via a link.


Free, paid, and enterprise versions of Scribe are all available.

CEO-ME - Leading Task Management Software

While Scribe and Slack share some similarities, CEO-ME is significantly better at project management. There is a clean UI and interface, and it's intuitive to use. CEO-ME is the best choice if you are looking for an easy-to-use task management tool. We mentioned features, so here are the ones you'll get.


  • CEO-ME’s management interface is customizable. Separate rows on the board represent tasks. The number of rows you add to your operation is up to you.

  • CEO-ME is also capable of powerful automation. The app allows you to automate workflows on your own.

  • No limit to the number of entries you can add.

  • Highly customizable.


CEO-ME’s free plan offers many features. The software also offers Solopreneurs and Grow My Team plans.

Is Business Development Software Necessary?


Small businesses aren't typical. Consider your company's unique needs and pain points when choosing software. Your requirements will also vary depending on the size and industry of your business.

Business development software can help small businesses grow and scale. Small businesses can handle the following processes with the help of our software:

  • Operations management

  • Accounting

  • Marketing

  • Productivity

  • Collaboration

  • Communication

Knowing your business process is the first step in picking the right software. Business functionality is essential for most small businesses.

Essential Business Development Software Features

Make these features a priority when purchasing new business development software.

  • A communication system. Videos, audio files, and text files should all be supported by the software.

  • CRM. The system should analyze data from customers. CRM software manages customer relationships. In this way, companies can strategize and analyze their interactions based on data.

  • Managing payments. Payrolls, wages, and salaries must be processed through the software. Software applications like CEO-ME maintain payment records.

  • Financial planning. Business development software keeps track of project data to identify what makes a project profitable.

  • A time tracking system. With software like CEO-ME, employees can accurately record project time. Professionals, freelancers, and workers who bill by the hour will appreciate time-tracking software.

  • Project coordination. Managing projects means controlling costs and meeting deadlines. Plan, organize, and manage resources and tools with business development software.

  • Sales management. Customer journeys and sales funnels are tracked by CEO-ME software. Marketing and sales campaigns can be targeted with this type of software. The result is a boost in conversions and more efficient use of resources.

Business Development Software: How Does it Work?

In order to grow, small businesses need business development software. There are challenges to growth, however. It is essential to maximize efficiency in order to generate more revenue. Software solutions can reduce costs, save time, and streamline workflows.

Your business can grow in a variety of ways with the help of business development software:

  • Automates tasks: Timesheet completion is simplified with task deadline tracking. Keeping track of employees' progress and improving workflow can be achieved using appropriate software.

  • Tracks sales leads: Our software allows you to store, capture, and track sales leads. With lead generation and management software, new leads can be processed more quickly and existing clients can be engaged more effectively.

  • Customer relations: Customer relations are improved with custom CRM software. By using custom CRM software, small businesses are able to build relationships and deliver after-sales services more effectively, encouraging repeat business.

  • Enhances competitiveness: Business development software enhances customizability, efficiency, and quality of services. Businesses can differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering unique services.

You can reduce the time you spend on time-consuming tasks using the right software. The efficiency, precision, and satisfaction of your employees will also increase.

Start Using Free Business Software Today

A small-to-medium business should streamline its workflows. Managing finances, increasing operations, and improving workflows are possible with CEO-ME business development software. Take advantage of CEO-ME's free trial now!

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