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CRM And Project Management Software: An Exciting Tool For 2022

Updated: Jul 27, 2022


Keeping information in a team, or departmental silos is neither effective nor efficient for any team in sales, marketing, customer service, project teams, or across the organization.

The main objective of companies now is to meet customer demands by integrating business data into one platform.

A multitude of benefits can be gained by combining CRM, project management, and time tracking tools.

Throughout this article, we'll illustrate how CRM and project management are different, how they can be combined, and what an integrated platform should include. Furthermore, we'll show you which CRM and project management software is the best.

Why Is CRM Important for Project Management?

Timely and affordable delivery is the focus of project management. Good customer relationships depend on this. That's where CRM can help.

By providing live insight into customer feedback, CRM can help you manage projects. LinkedIn's State of Sales report shows that 64% of companies find CRM tools beneficial. You can further maintain customer relationships and deliver the right products/services by putting your clients at the centre of your project management.