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CRM And Project Management Software: An Exciting Tool For 2022

Updated: Jul 27, 2022


Keeping information in a team, or departmental silos is neither effective nor efficient for any team in sales, marketing, customer service, project teams, or across the organization.

The main objective of companies now is to meet customer demands by integrating business data into one platform.

A multitude of benefits can be gained by combining CRM, project management, and time tracking tools.

Throughout this article, we'll illustrate how CRM and project management are different, how they can be combined, and what an integrated platform should include. Furthermore, we'll show you which CRM and project management software is the best.

Why Is CRM Important for Project Management?

Timely and affordable delivery is the focus of project management. Good customer relationships depend on this. That's where CRM can help.

By providing live insight into customer feedback, CRM can help you manage projects. LinkedIn's State of Sales report shows that 64% of companies find CRM tools beneficial. You can further maintain customer relationships and deliver the right products/services by putting your clients at the centre of your project management.

Is a Combined CRM and Project Management Software Possible?

Customers can use customer relationship management (CRM) software to improve business relationships. CRM helps with providing a delightful experience to customers, enables companies to increase their sales, keep them engaged, and inspire them to become loyal customers and refer others.

Alternatively, project management software supports processes and best practices to help users accomplish their goals quickly. Known as CRM project management, a CRM platform integrates two business applications to unify data and streamline customer service.

Customer relationship management focuses on the customer, while project management helps identify resources, define tasks, and track efforts through to completion.

How Do CRM Tools Manage These Objectives?

Customers can track business interactions, budget sales, and manage their pipelines with CRMs. Here's a list of the most important features that a CRM and project management software offers:

  • Keep track of a customer's lifecycle

  • Integrate customer feedback with ongoing projects

  • Maintain budgets for projects

  • Collaborate with clients on deliverables and initiatives

  • Ensure that your sales, customer service, and project teams are working together

  • Execute projects as soon as they are finalized

  • Utilize applicant tracking systems to engage clients and candidates more effectively

CRM and project management software also offer milestone tracking, project roles, dashboard reporting, and recurring tasks. Project teams can benefit from these features in the following ways:

Goal tracking: Identifies goals that are achievable for teams.

Project roles: Team members can better manage their responsibilities with clearly defined roles.

Reports on dashboards: Provides a way for project managers to monitor progress.

Daily task automation: It helps teams spend more time on more important things, like making money by automating repetitive tasks.

After understanding what CRM is in project management, let's discuss how you can choose the correct tool.

CRM and Project Management Software: What Should It Include?


An effective CRM and project management solution involves many factors. Understanding your company's needs is the key to finding the right one.

An easy-to-use, customizable, and flexible solution is ideal. In addition, you should ensure that it is easy to collaborate and manage documents and that it notifies specific individuals when their attention is needed. It would be best if you considered these factors in more detail.

A Customizable Experience

Every business has unique requirements. Therefore, it is crucial to find customizable CRM project management software. An approach that fits all might not work for your organization. Your organization needs a solution that can lend itself to customization.


The best CRM project management software is flexible. With a versatile project management tool, you can meet your varying needs. A system needs to be agile yet reliable at the same time. Custom CRM software that provides versatility is the best choice for your company.

A user-friendly interface

A project management software must have user-friendly features. Additionally, they should be compatible with any existing processes you already have. Easy-to-use solutions should be customizable. It would also help if the solution provided a tutorial explaining the software's features.

Tools for collaboration

Managing projects without collaboration can be challenging. A good project management solution will make the collaboration simple and seamless. Collaboration on solutions is easier with a CRM and project management solution.

Managing documents

Creating and sharing documents is a key feature of a powerful project management solution. You might think finding documents elsewhere is more convenient, but having everything in one location can be more beneficial.

A notification system

Without notification of relevant tasks, a CRM project management solution isn't very effective. You should find a custom CRM and project management software that notifies all parties when there are outstanding tasks. It is crucial to keep everyone informed so that nothing is overlooked.

The Benefits of CRM Software and Project Management Software

Project management and CRM software are used by some companies separately. However, it is important to remember that combining CRM and project management on one platform can be beneficial in several ways. An integrated CRM and project management software can provide the following benefits:

Providing seamless and enhanced user experience

Keeping your customers happy and scaling your business requires customer-centricity. A customer-focused approach means ensuring their satisfaction.

Satisfied customers are loyal customers. With a sophisticated CRM platform, you can maintain a satisfying customer relationship.

It boils down to involving the right people to manage customer expectations and respond to their concerns swiftly. Integrating your CRM platform with project management will make this process seamless.

By integrating CRM and project management software, companies can better serve their customers and gain a deeper understanding of their problems. A CRM lets you manage a relationship with customers by understanding the sales workflow.

Streamlining processes

Streamlining processes leads to less clutter and better productivity. A multi-tasking workspace saves employees time by reducing the need to switch between different programs.

Furthermore, employees spend less time and energy getting acquainted with multiple systems when CRM and project management are on the same platform. In addition to that, having licenses for multiple tools costs money. Employee and customer satisfaction can become enhanced by consolidation.

Streamlining post-sale tasks

A client no longer interacts with your sales team after a closed sale but with other departments and teams within your organization. It's easier to transition a prospect into a paying client when you use a CRM and project management solution integrated.

Using a CRM platform as a project management system allows teams to easily understand tasks and projects related to customer relations. Clients can be nurtured and provided with the service they deserve by establishing workflows. CRM and project management software makes it all possible.

Cross-departmental coordination

A clear picture of a customer's needs makes aligning multiple departments easier. With CRM project management software, you get exactly that.

Sales might hear one marketing message, and the marketing department might hear another. Nevertheless, if the customer's needs are clearly defined, there is little room for misinterpretation. As a result, customer needs are better understood and focused. Investments made to improve customer service are no-brainers. CRM project management tools should follow the same principle.

How Do CRM Software and Project Management Software Differ?


Despite their differences in focus, CRM and project management solutions can be highly beneficial business tools. Using either type of software can be successful for next sales actions.

Customers' information is tracked in a customer relationship management system. A CRM simplifies connecting with clients and providing them with effective customer service through centralized client data, scheduling and note-taking features, and email integrations.

Using a project management system, you can keep track of client and project information. These software solutions ensure the timely completion of work. Team productivity, efficiency, and accountability are improved through task coordination, productivity tracking, and communication tools.

The bottom line: CRM helps you manage your client relationships, while project management technology helps you deliver final products. It is important to understand their differences when choosing and implementing one of these software types. Some vendors may offer CRM and project management solutions bundled into one program, while others offer these solutions separately.

Are there any Cons to CRM and Project Management Software?

In terms of downsides, here are two drawbacks of combining both processes into one tool:

Diverse Timelines

It can be challenging to combine the two processes as their timelines are different. Managing client relationships is an ongoing process that focuses on long-term relationships. Contrary to project management, which has a defined start and end date, project management is more temporary. Keeping unrelated customer information separate will prevent your CRM and project management app from cluttering.

Apps That Do Everything Can Be Pricey

All-in-one solutions may be more cost-effective, but some are quite costly. However, integrated CRM and project management tools such as CEO-ME also offer free plans that are powerful.

How can CEO-ME Help with CRM project management?

Customer relationship management is only one aspect of CEO-ME. CEO-ME can be customized to meet your business needs. Our integrated, customizable software supports app building, AI integration, analytics, and project management.

Custom CRM software

CEO-ME offers several customization options to help you build a comprehensive project management solution. Getting acquainted with our free, user-friendly tutorial can help fully unlock the platform's features. With our user-friendly software, we guide you through the process of creating a custom solution.

Stop multi-tasking

Managing multiple projects, delegating tasks, and collaborating across teams at once can be impossible in the face of unforeseen obstacles.

CEO-ME puts your ideas and business information in a place where you and your team can easily access and use it, so they don't have to dance around you, waiting for instructions to do their job. Projects can be managed more effectively, and miscommunications can be avoided. Members of a team can also use it. Using it can help them stay focused and boost their productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Custom CRM Software Fit in With Project Management Software?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software enables businesses to manage customer interactions and information through easier communication and behavioral tracking. A custom CRM software feature is usually included in project management platforms like CEO-ME.

Is a Custom CRM Software Useful for Managing Projects?

Integrating a custom CRM software into a project management system allows teams to understand tasks and projects associated with cultivating customer relationships easily. Clients can be nurtured and given the service they deserve by setting up workflows. All of this is possible with CRM and project management software.

Why do Companies Use CRM and Project Management Software?

Businesses need to keep their customer data up-to-date, track every interaction with customers, and manage their accounts. A CRM platform facilitates these tasks. Customers can gain better relationships and improve their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Can CEO-ME be used as a Custom CRM Software?

Having all the basic features of regular CRM software, CEO-ME's CRM is easy to use. With CEO-ME, you can integrate emails, calendars, and communication with many other applications. Since CEO-ME is a CRM and Project Management software tool, users can keep track of activities and interact with each other.

How do Companies use Custom CRM Software?

Using CRMs, businesses can collect customer data in one place and develop strategies based on it. Increased sales, improved marketing efforts, and more satisfied employees are also some of the benefits.

Level-Up Your Business with CRM and Project Management Software

You don't have to struggle to serve the customer and employee simultaneously. A CRM project management solution will ensure your customers have a seamless experience. You may uncover untapped opportunities for increasing customer satisfaction, productivity, and growth by exploring the possibilities that CEO-ME can offer your customers and internal teams.

For more information about CRM, project management software, and workflow optimization, check out our blog and level up your business.

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