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The Online Manager: A Quick Guide

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

online manager

By managing the company's daily tasks and operations, an online manager helps business owners achieve their goals. Learn what an online manager does if you want a fast-paced job that you can do from home.

An online manager is involved in managing many aspects of an online business. This article discusses the requirements for becoming one, the skills required, and the average salary.

Who is an Online Manager?

An online manager's role is to facilitate the management of daily tasks, processes, communities, and team members. As part of their responsibilities, they track key performance indicators (KPIs), establish goals, and evaluate the company's performance.

Online managers work closely with the owner to ensure the company's online strategy is implemented effectively. This allows the owner to concentrate on top-line growth and new business opportunities while the online manager handles more administrative tasks.

Online Manager Job Description

Although an online manager's job duties vary from day to day, there are some tasks you can anticipate performing in this position. Online managers are typically responsible for:

Project management: Online project managers often launch, implement, and supervise new virtual projects. For example, upgrades to websites, membership platforms, or marketing campaigns are all handled by online managers.