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Finding the Best Project Management Software for Creative Agencies

Updated: Oct 22, 2022


In addition to nurturing the creative process and bringing ideas to life, they are also skilled at organizing, orchestrating, and tracking the logistics of delivering projects. The traditional goal of project management is to increase productivity in software development, construction, and manufacturing.

As a creative project manager, you manage teams of idea people, document workflows, and coordinate outside input while adhering to tight deadlines. Creative project management tools automate administrative tasks, create a centralized hub to communicate requirements, collaborate on creative projects, and share the feedback.

Throughout this article, we'll explain what project management software for creative agencies is, how it can benefit your creative team, and why CEO-ME is the best option.

What Is Creative Project Management?

It covers advertising, marketing, web design, video production, and more creative projects. It differs from traditional project management in a number of ways, even though some aspects are similar. Innovation must flow when the brief is followed and delivered on time by creative project managers.

It's harder to track creative team progress than with software or engineering projects. In addition to aligning customer needs with projects, creative project management allows team members to come up with new ideas and manage resources effectively.