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Creative Project Manager: Ultimate Career Guide

Updated: Sep 14, 2022


Every new project poses a new set of challenges for a project manager. Creative project management includes creative projects such as design, video production, advertising, and brand marketing.

Project managers must also manage client expectations while overseeing creatives and completing a project within scope and budget. Here we look at managing creative projects as a creative project manager effectively.

What is Creative Project Management?

Ideation, wireframes, and delivery are all part of creative project management. The following characteristics define creative project management:

Results: Each project must deliver certain outcomes. An app design or marketing campaign results could be included here. The outcomes of a project are known as deliverables.

Tasks: The project's work is broken down into tasks by utilizing task management software. Team members are assigned tasks with deadlines that require them to deliver a draft or wireframe, make revisions, and send the final draft to the client.

Stakeholders: A stakeholder is a person or group with a stake in the project. Using the same platform, the team collaborates freely on projects, including internal and external stakeholders. Creative agencies may include their clients as well.