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Project Management Software For Creatives: Full Guide


You can increase your team's creativity by using project management software for creatives. Being creative is a trait that can help you excel at any position in any company. It is important to manage the creative process well to maximize productivity.

You may need more help than you are getting or be biting off more than you can chew if you compete with other creative agencies for clients, fall behind on deadlines, or struggle with administrative tasks. The task of managing the creative workflow or the entire creative agency can become daunting when done manually. Project management software for creative agencies make the process simpler.

It is possible to do a lot more with creative management software than you could on your own. You can automate some administrative tasks, streamline work to meet deadlines, collaborate, impress clients, and more.

What is Creative Project Management?

Basically, creative project management is a form of project management that focuses on creative projects like marketing, advertising campaigns, website design, rebranding, or video production. Despite some overlap between traditional and creative project management, they differ in some important ways.

Creative project managers are responsible for making sure creative projects deliver on time and meet the brief's requirements, while leaving enough room for creativity to remain unpredictable and organic. PMs cannot rely on KPIs to track and monitor progress against a set of fixed standards for creative projects, unlike software development or engineering projects.

An effective creative project management approach focuses teams on the best ideas, manages resources effectively, and aligns projects with customer needs.

Creative Project Management Tools are Essential for Your Team

Project management software can eliminate these problems entirely since it eliminates the need to coordinate tasks among various departments, breakdown communication, and let important details slip through the cracks if not managed properly.

Here are some reasons why both solopreneurs and d can greatly benefit from project management software.

1. Centralize Your Communication

The problem with creative teams is that they tend to be pretty mixed-up. The team usually consists of graphic designers, writers, photographers, and marketers, with a wide variety of skills and departments. The result is that communication can be a challenge. Having all your communication in one place is easy with a project management solution. This makes it easier for everyone to stay in touch, regardless of their department or location.

2. Track Creative Feedback

A creative project isn't the easiest to manage. Project management software makes it easy to keep track of edit requests and is made with so many departments involved. Before the final delivery, it takes multiple rounds of feedback, proofreading, and editing.

All edits, proofreading, and approvals in your project are stored by project management software. You can easily track every action with our creative project management tools. That way, you will never miss anything. For example, CEO-ME lets you see what changes were requested and when they were implemented through our notification log.

3. Improve Your Time Management

When it comes to creative projects, managing your time effectively can be tricky, but there are plenty of benefits to consider when setting up a schedule.

Project management software provides the following benefits and plays a key role in time management:

  • Make your business more efficient. You don't know if your team is using their time efficiently without effective time management. With the right platform, you can see how each task progresses and how each member spends their time.

  • Planning and management of resources. It's never too late to make last-minute changes. Or maybe you have a new idea that needs to be added to the project. With project management software, you can choose to allocate resources according to the workload of your entire team.

  • Estimating time accurately. Your clients and stakeholders will struggle to get accurate completion dates if you don't manage your time efficiently. With project management software, however, you can provide more consistent results.

4. Improve Team Visibility

With project visibility, everyone can see what is going on, when tasks are due, and what they do. Everyone will stay accountable for their role in the project and work toward the same goal. That sounds great, doesn't it?

However, providing this level of transparency isn't always easy, especially when working across departments within a creative project. With the right project management software for creatives, creative teams can see the entire project in one place. This allows all departments to see what needs to be done, what their colleagues are working on, and what the result should be.

5. Refine Your Processes

Our previous discussion has focused on how project management platforms provide visibility. Now let's take a look at how this greater visibility can enhance your creativity. With company-wide visibility, you can visualize your entire workflow at once. Using project management software allows you to spot problems and correct them, whether it is inaccurate time estimates or communication mistakes.

Imagine you're reviewing your project workflow and realize your creative team spends more time on administrative tasks than you'd like. We know this is not unusual from earlier in the article. Using automations to improve efficiency and free up your creative team's time results in more efficient workflow, and more time for the creative team.

6. Manage Your Digital Assets

It may not sound appealing to a creative person to manage their digital assets, but it is still important. Proper creative project management tools will allow you to manage your assets efficiently. Every creative asset can be uploaded to the platform, so it's all in one place, so your team has easy access to it. There's no confusion about where to find it, it's all there.

A creative assets template from CEO-ME, for example, can be used to manage the creation of new assets and track their progress. Essentially, a project management system lets you manage all of your digital assets in a single location. That's pretty useful when you've got many people working on the same project.

7. Improve Team Collaboration

In the wake of the pandemic, so many companies are working remotely, so team collaboration has been put to the test. So how can you ensure your team works together efficiently? A creative project management platform will make collaboration a lot easier. In particular for creative teams, it makes it easier to provide regular updates to your team and assign tasks across departments.

A creative team will probably need to communicate with each other, share creative files regularly, and collaborate with freelancers or outside agencies on a regular basis. The heart of what creative teams do is collaboration. And using a project management tool makes collaboration a lot easier.

Benefits of Project Management Software for Creative Agencies

So how can project management software benefit my creative agency? You might be asking.

Let's take a look at how project management software for creatives can be used at work to organize your workflow and manage your creative process.

Approval and Proofing

There are a lot of documents that creative agencies need to track, so software that allows them to proof and approve documents in one place is extremely useful. Teams can now share comments and edits without sending back and forth between Slack and email.

External Users

A platform must be available to creative teams in order for them to involve external users in the process. Creative approval software allows external stakeholders to check the progress of your team and get their approvals and feedback on many projects.

Integration For Creative Software

You can integrate other innovative software you need such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision, and more into in-house project management tools. Having integrations for these tools can be incredibly helpful to your team.

Time Tracking

A creative team can also use project management software to track time and resources. This helps you understand which processes are taking up the most time, and how you can improve the efficiency of your team. For clients who pay you hourly, tracking the time spent on a project is also crucial.

Document Tracking

You can track all your documents and files, from conception to final approval, with creative project management tools.

Organized Project Management Tools

Project management tools are in, paper calendars and analog systems are out. From establishing a workflow to finishing a project, your project management software for creatives should help you work smarter, not harder.

Let’s see what working processes should be covered by your perfect tool.

1. Planning Tools

An online calendar, like the one above, is a great way to keep everyone informed about when projects are due. Additionally, an online calendar provides a clear picture of your month, with all milestones. A Gantt chart is similar, but it shows a clear project algorithm and task dependencies.

By using these scheduling features, you can track your team's workload, and if overlapping events occur or gaps exist, you will be able to add and remove work assignments automatically whenever a change occurs.

2. Communication Tools

You need creative management software that facilitates accessible communication if you are working from multiple workspaces. These tools can take the form of updates. In order to stay on the same page, it is vital to notify your clients or colleagues when a project step is underway, reviewed, approved, etc. In addition to this alert, notifications and comments can help your team stay organized.

3. Workspace Tools

You need multiple workspaces and chat rooms to keep your projects separate. It's common for creative teams to handle multiple projects at the same time. With multiple workspaces, employees can be assigned projects based on their skills and schedules. Additionally, project templates can help everyone in the workspace understand what the project is all about.

4. Storyboarding Tools

The storyboarding tool is usually a separate software program because it's not part of many creative management tools. Video production teams will definitely benefit from it. The storyboard feature of a piece of software will add value to your team's creative workflow.

Using storyboards will help you visualize the shots you need to shoot, so you can plan your team's workload. Furthermore, you can preview the final result before the production is finished, so you can make any necessary changes before the project is completed.

Online Proofing Tools

The software you use for creative management will not only help you keep your team and projects on track, it will also offer proofing tools.

1. Visual Comment

On the platform, creative teams need to visualize their ideas. Invisible comments let teams leave drawings, circles, arrows, and other visual notes right on the project. It doesn't matter if the image is moving or still. Visual comments help you and your team improve.

2. Video Feedback

During the review stage, video comments can also be helpful. With video comments, your creative team can comment on their note at the exact point of the clip, down to the second. As a result, there will be no back and forth regarding where the message should be sent.

3. Organized Comments

You may find it hard to sort through general chat to find feedback that relates to you or an asset if you use creative management software. You can save a lot of time by sorting your comments by time, message type, and other helpful categories.

4. Various Versions

There's a good chance that the first draft of a project won't be your last. Good proofing software displays the most relevant and new versions at the top, so you can see all the versions you upload.

5. Secure Sharing

There may be times when it is necessary to share links or messages between team members or clients within your creative management site. In general, your creative management software should be able to allow you to share information securely. Whether you feel comfortable inviting people onto the site or sharing links off of it is your call. Creative management software shouldn't limit but should assist.

How CEO-ME Can Help You Manage Your Next Creative Project


Considering all of these benefits, you might be wondering which platform to use to reap them. After all, there are many platforms out there.

Choosing the right platform for your creative department can be challenging. That's why we'll save you some time and show you why we think CEO-ME is the perfect solution.

Invite External Users

Managing external parties is a big part of being part of a creative team. Whether they are clients, stakeholders, or freelancers working on your projects, we make it easy for you to invite external users to collaborate on your projects with you. They can still collaborate with you even if they do not have CEO-ME by viewing your workflow.

It can be used for updating clients and stakeholders, as well as creating a customized dashboard you can share with them. It's a win-win for everyone.

Integrate with Creative Software

The process of creating a creative project requires many platforms, especially when it comes to design. This is why we provide integrations for creative software. Adobe Creative Cloud accounts can be integrated with our software, so you can visualize the entire design process in one place, whether you're using Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

Organize Creative Requests

CEO-ME makes it easy to manage your creative requests. With so many requests coming in and multiple projects on the go, keeping track of everything can be tough. You can run a smooth and successful operation with our software. Create a form to pull requests directly into your board and send them to anyone via a shareable link.

Adapt The Software to Your Work Style

It's more than just a project management tool — it's a full-featured Work OS that lets you create the perfect project management solution for your creative team. At CEO-ME, we pride ourselves on the fact that we can customize our software to meet the needs of our users. Here are some of the customizations we offer:

  • Multiple Views. You can view your project in various ways, including a Gantt chart or a Kanban board.

  • The addition of columns. Board columns can be added to CEO-ME, including a timeline, checkboxes, and even progress tracking for projects.

  • Automating processes. Reduce the time you spend doing recurring tasks by selecting pre-made automations or creating your own.

It is our ultimate goal to provide you with a platform that is customized to meet your needs.

Everything Under One Roof

With CEO-ME, you can manage your entire creative workflow immediately. It's much more efficient for everyone involved, providing them with a central location to work from. No matter what department they belong to, all information can be accessed in the same place.

As teams and workloads grow, projects can quickly become messy and confusing. For this reason, digital workspaces can help teams stay focused on the project.

Project Management Software for Creatives

Project management software for creatives can help with managing creative projects. There are so many moving parts in a creative team that it is hard to keep up with everything. Project management software improves collaboration, improves communication, and keeps track of every project detail, whether you’re a marketing team or a creative agency.

With CEO-ME, you can get back to the creative process, which is what matters. Why not try it out and see what you think? It's completely free, all you need to do is sign-up! Get started with our project management software for creatives.


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