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Project Management Software For Creatives: Full Guide


You can increase your team's creativity by using project management software for creatives. Being creative is a trait that can help you excel at any position in any company. It is important to manage the creative process well to maximize productivity.

You may need more help than you are getting or be biting off more than you can chew if you compete with other creative agencies for clients, fall behind on deadlines, or struggle with administrative tasks. The task of managing the creative workflow or the entire creative agency can become daunting when done manually. Project management software for creative agencies make the process simpler.

It is possible to do a lot more with creative management software than you could on your own. You can automate some administrative tasks, streamline work to meet deadlines, collaborate, impress clients, and more.

What is Creative Project Management?

Basically, creative project management is a form of project management that focuses on creative projects like marketing, advertising campaigns, website design, rebranding, or video production. Despite some overlap between traditional and creative project management, they differ in some important ways.

Creative project managers are responsible for making sure creative projects deliver on time and meet the brief's requirements, while leaving enough room for creativity to remain unpredictable and organic. PMs cannot rely on KPIs to track and monitor progress against a set of fixed standards for creative projects, unlike software development or engineering projects.