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Partner Relationship Management Software | Full Review


Over the last decade, partner relationships have evolved. As cloud and digital transformation are rapidly advancing, as well as APIs that make it easier to connect applications, the changes will only accelerate. Partnering with other companies is no longer just about finding resale partners.

Businesses today collaborate together to innovate, market, invest, and co-sell complete packaged solutions to their customers using their ecosystem partners. We at CEO-ME realize how partnerships can serve as indirect channels to market for your business.

This guide will help you learn everything you need to know about partner relationship management software and how to maximize your partner revenue.

Understanding Partner Relationship Management

It has become increasingly important for organizations to partner with customers to deliver value to their industry partners. Increasingly, such engagements are facilitated by technology.

On average, high-performing ecosystems reduce costs 1.5 times, contribute 1.5 times more to revenue, and generate 2.1 times more incremental revenue than low-performing partner ecosystems according to a recent survey by EY.

Market share and overall customer satisfaction have grown due to companies' reliance on partner networks. Digital transformation has created a need for network-driven strategies to increase customer value. Rapidly changing customer demands require broader partner relationships.