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Project Manager vs. Product Manager: Differences Explained


A variety of management roles can be found in the world of management. Some of these roles can be confusing. That's why we need a project vs. product manager comparison to understand the differences.

These two roles serve separate purposes. While both jobs may intersect in some cases, they are both necessary for doing an established product work. Overseeing is generally the role of both program and product managers.

Here, we'll explore the differences between product and program managers using a project manager vs. product manager approach. Let's begin.

What's the Difference Between a Project Manager vs. Product Manager

A product manager's primary responsibility is leading the team to deliver the final product. Their responsibilities include strategy, product roadmap, and feature definition.

A product manager is also responsible for managing the product life cycle for delivering that product. Additionally, they supervise the product team. Product managers can also work directly with project managers, customers, and product teams.

Project managers are responsible for leading the team toward a successful outcome. Strategy and process flow are their responsibilities. They are responsible for the project plan and requirements.

Moreover, the project manager manages a separate project l